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Server Only Function - This is an function executes only on the server.


Game-modes can be configured using external JSON, this configuration can control any aspect of your game-mode (for example; how long a "round" will last, which guns are available, players respawn time, etc.). The shape and structure of the JSON is entirely up to you, with Modiverse providing numerous BluePrint nodes for both reading and writing JSON strings.

This API function provides a method for your game-mode to read the JSON passed in as the game-mode is being initialized. Most developers will use this function during the GameModeActivated event.

There are two main ways in which JSON will be delivered to your game-mode are:

1. A widget that appears to the player in the "Game" panel of Modiverse

2. A JSON configuration file the server can read

A Start Game 'Configuration' Widget

For listen servers (i.e. game's created in the "Games" panel where the user selected game-mode, map, etc.) you can specify through the Definitions file a User Widget that will be loaded and shown to the player. If your game-mode provides this an additional "settings" button appears to the user providing them with a way to open the widget.

For more information on building the widget please see the Start Game Configuration Widget page.

You're game-mode can specify a single "User Widget" to read and write the JSON configuration when a user wishes to

Server configuration file




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