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Client/Server Function - This API calls works on both clients and servers


Whilst similar to GetPawnCameraComponent this returns a network proxy (i.e. replicated approximation, subject to network lag) of the players camera. This means that you can get a valid actor the represents the position and rotation of the pawn's camera - even for remote players. This will be the 1st person camera, if in 1st person view, or the 3rd person camera if in 3rd person camera view.

It is recommended you use GetPawnCameraComponent for the player proxy representing the local player, and this function for all remote player proxies. This is due to the latency in updating the remote copies of the players camera. The camera returned by [[GetPawnCameraComponent will also be up-to-date and in sync with the players local camera.

Note: This function returns an actor, not a camera, with valid rotation and position only.



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