Getting Started

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Verify game installation

1) Open the game

2) Click "load local PAK" (don't change any other settings)

3) Message will say it failed to load

Install KJMod example project

1) Install UE4.25.X

2) Grab the Example project from XXXXXXXXX

3) Unzip the project to a folder (remember UE4 has 255 character limit on paths, so usually the root or under D:\KJMod, etc.)

4) Open the project (it can take a while when compiling shaders, may stop at 45% for an age)

Cooking your local level/mod

1) Click the 'Window' menu and select 'KJModEditor'

2) A window will open allowing you to specify various settings

3) LEAVE THE UGC AT 000000, the game is hard coded to load that PAK at the minute

4) The Game Installation Path should be correct for most installations on the C drive. If the path is wrong it won't work...

5) The Base Map should be set to the name of your map under /Game/CustomContent/UGC000000/Maps (other maps can't be loaded later)

6) Click "Publish Locally"

As this is a brand new plugin I would expect there to be some issues with installation, so please let me know.

Playing your mod

1) Open the game

2) Click "load local PAK" and change the map name (if you changed it)

3) The level should load and you should spawn



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