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Client Only Event - This API call can only be called on clients.


When a gun that is currently held by the player has it's state updated then this event is triggered to reflect the change. The event can be triggered by a number of methods (including, but not limited to) the player shooting the gun or the gun's ammo being changed via an SDK call.

Note: The updates may be for a gun that is not actually equipped (in the players hands); if you updating some HUD you should check what gun the player is holding first.

Note: As this is a server authoritative game the server may trigger this function after checking the client is correctly in sync with the server. If the client is incorrect, the server will update the gun's variables (thus trigger this event).

1 String GunName
The name of the gun on which variables are changing (may or may not be in player hands)
2 Struct RunTimeVars
A structure representing the current gun variables:

int Current Bullets In Magazine Count - Number of bullets in the magazine

'int Total bullets available - Total bullets available (EXCLUDING those already in the magazine)

int Magazine Size - Number of bullets a magazine holds



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