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Server Only Function - This is an function executes only on the server.


The following screenshot (click to enlarge) shows how the initialise is normally used.

The function is (normally) called as part of the "Player Has Joined" event received by the Game-Mode proxy. During this event you would create the PlayerProxy (i.e. the class you created that inherited from KJModPlayerProxy actor) and then call this Initialise function on it with the correct supplied parameters. This then create your player proxy object bound to the correct player and game-mode proxy; with some initial parameters specified (health, clipping disabled, etc.)

Untitled Example.png
1 Target Normally taken from a "Spawn Actor" node that previously created your player proxy actor.
2 Joining Player Controller The "player controller" actor of the player that has just joined
3 Game Mode Proxy The game-mode proxy that will 'own' this player proxy
4 Pawn Settings A structure representing the pawn settings for the "current" user (proxy).

float Health (default : 100) - The default health of the player

float Armor (default : 100) - The default armor amount for the player

bool ShowPlayerName (default : false) - Should the player name be shown above the player?

bool DisableQMenu (default : false) - Show the Q (spawn) menu be disabled?

bool DisableNoClip (default : false) - Show the players ability to no clip (and respawn) be disabled?

bool ShowWhoKilledWhoPanel(default : false) - Should the "who killed who" (top-right) panel be shown

bool StandardHealthArmourWeaponPanel(default : false) - Should the sandbox style Health/Armor and current weapon panel be shown

bool DisableCrossHair(default : false) - Show the default cross-hair be shown?



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