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Modiverse supports ladders through an "KJModLadderActor" that is part of the SDK.

This actor provides the mechanisms to allow players to climb up or down a ladder. As Modiverse is under active development the functionality of ladders will improve over time; however at this time there are the following limitations:

   You cannot jump off a ladder
   You cannot connect multiple ladder actors on top of each other to make a larger ladder (use a single large mesh to start with)
   The speed of the players climb increases on very tall ladders
   Ladders must be vertical only, and rotation will stop them working

We will fix these issues in the next release!

Making a ladder

You should start by created a BluePrint actor based on the "KJModLadderActor":


In this example we are naming the ladder "MyLadderActor". Next open this actor, you will be presented with the new (and empty) actor containing two sub-components.


The "LadderMesh" is the static mesh representing your ladder; If you wish to borrow a mesh then please look in the examples project GrassLands_HQ available in our Github page. You can migrate this over (or export the FBX and textures, then reimport them).

The "LadderCollider" is the box collider used by Modiverse to detect the initial collision of the player with the ladder; this effectively activates the climbing and release system. It is important that this is scaled correctly to allow for a smooth ladder operation.

Let's go ahead and assign the mesh collider and move/scale the collider..


Please Note: Care is taken to ensure the box collider is positioned correctly. It should be exactly the height of the static mesh, it should extend out only slightly from the front-face of the actor. A closer view on the top of the actor shows this:


This actor can then be placed in the level (and scaled vertically).




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