Official Guns

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Official Guns

KJMod provides the official guns through a series of workshop packs; this allows us to open-source the packs allowing you to download and modify or create new weapons. Download the weapons and other packages through our [Github] projects.

If you wish to spawn guns within your game-mode you use use the Give SDK call If you'd like to spawn guns in your level and have them sitting around for people to pick up, see the WorldItemSpawner actor.

The following list shows the name of guns that should be used in the above calls, for example: to spawn an AK-47 rifle you must pass the value 'AK47' to the Give() or WorldItemSpawner actor.

Official Weapons Pack #1

Assault Rifles

ItemName Description
AK47 A standard AK-47 rifle
M4A1 A standard M4A1 rifle
AUG A standard AUG rifle
FAMAS A standard FAMAS rifle
GALIL A standard Galil rifle


ItemName Description
MP5 A standard MP5 SMG
MAC10 A standard MAC10 SMG
P90 A standard P90 SMG


ItemName Description
BerettaM9 A standard Beretta M9 Pistol
TT33 A standard TT-33 Pistol
GLOCK17 A standard Glock 17 Pistol



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