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Client Only Function - This API call can only be called on clients.


This registers a new tool for the current player proxy.

NOTE A tools are lost when a player dies. If you wish to have the player(s) spawn with the same tools then you must call this function each time a player is spawned. This option allows you to verify the tools based on the player's type or function in your game-mode (which may change after each death/respawn).

This function takes a complex structure (detailed below) that describes the tool in detail. For more information on creationg your own tools please see our Custom Tools section.

1 PlayerProxyChatSettings params
A structure representing the tool that is being registered.

String ToolName - The name of the tool, used by Give and other API's to reference the item

String ToolAssetPath - This is the 'naked' asset path (i.e. "/Game/CustomContent/UGC2164905560/Blueprints/Equipment/KJModTTTArmorTool") to the tools location. Note: there when using 'copy reference' in the menu it contains a type and double actor name (i.e. 'KJModTTTArmorTool.KJModTTTArmorTool_C'), this string should JUST be the path.

String ToolStaticMeshAssetPath - This is the 'naked' asset path to a static mesh that will be used to represent the tool. If the tool is something always equipped (such as 'Radar' in TTT, etc.) then it may have no static mesh (leave empty).

Enum AttachmentHand - Should the tool be attached to the left or right hand (recommended 'left')

Transform AttachmentPointLeftTransform - The transform applied to the 'hand_l' socket to offset, rotate or scale the mesh.

Transform AttachmentPointRightTransform - The transform applied to the 'hand_r' socket to offset, rotate or scale the mesh.

String HUDDescription - If ShowOnEquipmentBaris true, the small text description shown below the tool.

String HUDTextureAssetPath - If ShowOnEquipmentBar, The 'naked' asset path to a texture that will be used on the HUD (512x512)

Bool ToolIsInvisible - The tool is never held on the player hands, once given it's always "on" the player (until death).

Bool ShowOnEquipmentBar - The tool is visible in the equipment bar, it can be swapped for others (ToolIsInvisible should be false).



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