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Client Only Event - This API call can only be called on clients.


When any held weapon is reloaded this event is fired. Reloading can occur due to a player manually pressing the reload (R) key, or if the current clip is empty and the weapon has ammo in the pocket to replenish the clip.

It provides information on the gun that was reloaded along with the number of bullets used to reload it.

This event is often used by Game-Modes (such as VanillaRP) to notice when ammo is used during a reload to reduce it from a total amount stored against the player. If you require to know when each bullet is fired you may use the GunRuntimeVariablesChanged which is called per bullet (and normally used to update UI's, etc.)

Note: This event can be fired after the player has dropped a gun. Due to the nature of reloading the gun will wait a period of time after the last bullet is fired before initiating a reload sequence, if during this time the gun is dropped, Striped or player dies then the weapon returned by "WeaponName" may not exist on the player anymore.

1 String WeaponName
The name of the weapon that is being reloaded
2 Integer BulletsUsedInReload
The bullets that were taken from the players 'pocket' to refill the clip to it's maximum amount.



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