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Client Only Function - This API call can only be called on clients.


The input mode functions almost identically to the standard UE4 functions, you can specify whether the client should see the mouse pointer (and therefore interact with any UI elements) or the pointer is hidden and the game has focus.

Note: When you set the input mode to "UserInterfaceFocused" any active mouse input will be lost (i.e. guns will stop firing, tools will be deactivated, etc.)

1 InputFocus params
An enumerated type specifying how the input should be handled

Game Focused - The focus is on the game, any UI or HUD elements are purely for information purposes.

UserInterfaceFocused - You are display some HUD or UI elements that you want the user to interact with.

2 UserWidget targetWidget
If the input focus parameter is set to "UserInterfaceFocused" then this parameter is used to supply which user created widget that you wish to give focus to. Do not leave this parameter empty.



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