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Client Only Function - This API call can only be called on clients.


This function allows the movement of a player to be adjusted, limited or disabled as required by the game-mode. If you need to freeze the player in place it is recommended you use the SetPlayerFrozen rather than reduce walk speed to zero.

To change the view to first, third person or user selectable (through the default 'B' key) please use the SetViewModes function.

NOTE In order to have players immediately limited upon a player joining this function should be called during the Initialised event the player proxy receives. This event is called prior to the pawn being created and therefore can ensure that any movement changes are immediately set when the pawn is created.

The node takes in a structure of values:

SetMovementScope Struct.png
1 KJModPlayerProxyMovementScope params
A structure representing the new movement scope for the player

float WalkSpeed - The normal walk speed of the player (default : 600)

float CrouchSpeed - The normal crouching speed of the player (default : 300)

float RunMultiplier - How much the walk speed is increased by running (default 1.67)

bool CanJump - enables or disables jumping

bool CanCrouch - enables or disables crouching

Transform Third Person Camera Transform - the location of the 3rd person camera, relative to the pawn. If rotation is disabled (ThirdPersonDisableVerticalLook) the rotation is also used.

bool Third Person Disable Vertical Look - If true the 3rd person camera cannot be moved vertically.

float Third Person Vertical Limits - If set the 3rd person camera will be limited to +/- the supplied float (in degrees).

bool Third Person Disable Horizontal Swing - Disable the left/right rotation of the 3rd person camera



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