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STATIC PlayerProxy::SetPawnCameraEnabled


Client (local) Function - If the player proxy is the "local" player then this is valid


Please note: This function only operates on the "local" player proxy (i.e. the player proxy representing the players local player), calling this on the server or on a remote player proxy will result in no changes.

This node will turn off the 1st and 3rd person camera on the local pawn, this allows a mod to create a dynamic camera and control it. Some use cases would be creating a virtual camera that users can "see through" when toggling it, or providing a moving scene camera as part of the game-mode to move between areas, etc.

You should have your new local camera already added to the level prior to calling this function as it immediately disables the camera's, switching to any other active cameras in the scene.

1 Player Controller playerController
The target player controller that will be reset
2 boolean Enabled
Whether the 1st/3rd person cameras that are part of the default pawn are active or not.



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