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Client Only Function - This API call can only be called on clients.


By default players will be able to communicate with other players using either voice chat. This API function allows you to modify the voice settings to control how players talk with other players.

In addition to global chat, KJMod provides 'Team' chat for multiple teams (such as terrorists and counter-terrorists). As voice settings are set on the client (and not the server), normally you will send a message from all clients (such as a multi-cast event) that are on a particular team to inform them that they should set-up private group voice channel.

By default global voice is on, and private (group) voice is disabled.

1 PlayerProxyVoiceSettings params
A structure representing the chat settings for the "current" user.

bool AllowVoice (default : true) - Disable or enable voice for this player; nothing can be sent or received if disabled.

bool AllowVoiceInSpectator (default : false) - If enabled, spectators can use the voice system

bool SeperateVoiceForSpectators (default : false) - If enabled, spectators won't be able to talk to alive players.

bool VoiceAttentuationEnabled (default : true) - if enabled, players hear other players in 3D space and the sound drops off over a set distance. If disable players can hear other players as if they are in 2D (and never fades on distance).

float VoiceAttentuationDistance (default : 3600) - Currently ignored, always set to 3,600

bool SpatializationVoice (default : true) - Currently always on, cannot be disabled.

int VoiceGroupID(default : 0) - Set to any value great than 1 to have the player talk via "group chat" to this group

color VoiceGroupNameColor(default : white) - Any communications from this user into the group are colour coded.

vector2 VoicePanelOffset(default 0,0) - Move the voice window by X and Y pixels from it's CURRENT location (note: negative number move up and to the left. positive numbers down and to the right)



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