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Client Only Function - This API call can only be called on clients.


This function displays a standard KJMod message to the user; it can be used to notify them of events or actions that are taken. As this is called client-side, if the server needs to show any message just create a multi-cast event that the server can trigger to clients.

1 String Message
The message you wish to show, ideally less than 64 characters
2 Integer Duration
Time in seconds to show this message for, if zero the KJMod default is used
3 Bool AllowDuplicates
If an operation can call this multiple times (like a user pressing a key, resulting in an error message). This option can be used to prevent duplicates from being shown at the same time.
4 Texture2D Icon
An icon to use for the dialog; can be related to operation (delete icon) or your game-mode's logo. If left blank KJMod logo is used.



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