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Server Only Function - This is an function executes only on the server.


The pawn settings are usually set during initialization, however this function allow certain parameters to be modified at run-time and have those changes reflected on the remote player.

1 Pawn Settings A structure representing the pawn settings for the "current" user (proxy).

float Health (default : 100) - The default health of the player

float Armor (default : 100) - The default armor amount for the player

bool ShowPlayerName (default : false) - Should the player name be shown above the player? (includes icon, badges, etc.)

bool DisableQMenu (default : false) - Show the Q (spawn) menu be disabled?

bool DisableNoClip (default : false) - Show the players ability to no clip (and respawn) be disabled?

bool ShowWhoKilledWhoPanel(default : false) - Should the "who killed who" (top-right) panel be shown

bool StandardHealthArmourWeaponPanel(default : false) - Should the sandbox style Health/Armor and current weapon panel be shown

bool DisableCrossHair(default : false) - Show the default cross-hair be shown?



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