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This actor is used to spawn items in levels that are required by the players.

For example: In most TTT game-modes the players do not start with anyone (other than maybe a pistol), the TTT level must therefore spawn weapons around the world in spots to allow players to find and equip them. This object is used to spawn those items.


In order to use this actor create a new BluePrint actor in your level and make sure you pick 'KJModWorldItemSpawnerActor' as the parent.


Once this new actor is complete you can drop it into the world to configure:


The fields highlighted in orange are set according to your requirements:

ItemName: The item name, for example guns would need to use the names in Official_Guns.

Ignore Round Reset Respawn: If selected this spawner will not create spawn another tool when a game-mode calls RoundReset

Do Not Delete Previously Spawn Items On Round Reset: Normally on a RoundReset any item spawns that are still in the level are removed, set this to true to prevent this. However you're level may eventually clutter up with weapons unless they are timed out.

Remove Left Items Timeout: If > 0 any item that is not picked up by a player is removed after X seconds.



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