Z Orders

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Z Ordering

When building user interfaces, and in particular when adding them using the "Add To Viewport" BP node, you must be aware of the UI's that Modiverse places.

For example; if you add a widget that exists at a certain Z order value, then you may loose focus on Modiverse widgets (as you are 'in front' of the Modiverse widgets) and likewise if you place your widget behind Modiverse widgets you won't be able to see or interact with it (in certain situations).

Care should also be taken on capturing and releasing input; see our Input capturing section for more information.

Modiverse UI ordering

The list below provides the order in which UI's are placed by Modiverse; make sure you fit your UI's correctly (or set them high enough to sit in front of ours)

Z-Order Value Widget Description
-20 Voice (player name) widget, shown when player is talking (uses whole screen, due to SDK ability to resize/position)
-15 Chat widget and history (uses whole screen, due to SDK ability to resize/position)
-12 Tool assistance (show details of the tools mouse, keys, etc.)
-5 Standard HUD (cross hair, health, armor, red flashing impacts, etc.)
-4 "Q" Spawn menu
-2 "C" Tools menu

25 Standard scoreboard
50 through to 500 Main menu (various widgets)
800 Message of the Day (MOTD) widget
999 Player messages (appears at bottom right showing messages to the player)
1500 Developer console



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